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Summer Holidays 7

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Start Date:
Mon 21 Aug 2017
End Date:
Thu 24 Aug 2017
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Wimbledon Cricket Club
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This course will take place at Wimbledon Cricket Club on 21-24 August from 9:00-13:30.

Beginner Courses

These courses are ideal for children aged 5 and 7. They will do a lot of skills based activity where they will develop the basic skills or bowling batting and catching. They are encouraged to bring their own cricket bat only.

Intermediate Courses

These courses are aimed at children who are aged 8 to 10 who have a reasonable understanding of the basics of cricket. We aim to develop their basic skills further in a bid to get them ready for matches. The course comprises of half skills and half match practice. They are encouraged to bring a bat, gloves and box.

Advanced Courses

These courses are designed for children aged 9 to 12 who are looking to play lots of cricket matches. Ideally they should be in an A or B team at school and have experience of playing with a hard cricket ball.  In between matches where there are net facilities they will get the opportunity to practice and receive individual or small group coaching.

Specialist Courses Courses

These courses are designed children who are keen to improve certain areas of the game such as fast bowling, spin bowling and wicket keeping.  These courses do not run regularly and are put on a certain times of the year.  If you are interested in such courses and would like to know when the next one is scheduled please email us at director@twccricket.co.uk

U13 + courses Courses

If there is demand we are able to run and organise courses for children 13 years old and above.  If you are interested in such a course please email us at director@twccricket.co.uk

Winter Nets Courses

Take place after Christmas in a 10 week block, keep an eye out for emails and on the website for more information.

Girls only course Courses

This course is designed for girls only.  It will run along side our regular camps.

Intermediate 10 plus Courses

This course is designed for those cricketers who are over ten years old who may be new to the game or in a  lower team at school.  The course will involve technical training as well as match play.